Top Benefits of Logistics Workflow Automation

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The global supply chain is continuously booming, and advances in technology are helping to streamline operations in the long run. Logistics automation is one such measure which will help companies to make their workflows more efficient. Logistics workflow automation can be defined as the decrease in manual entry of processing freight shipments and the automatic retrieval of options in the procurement of transportation for your freight.

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Logistics Workflow Management : A Spot Market Overview

Benefits of Logistic Automation

Real time Freight Rate for logistics workflow automationReal Time Freight Rates:

When you have multiple carriers to choose from based on cost and transit time, logistic management helps you make the best choice for your transportation. It enables you to get live and real time quotes from the transporters within  few clicks, thus helping you to save your time and resources. 

Analytics and dashboard for logistics workflow automationAnalytics and Dashboard:

Access to real time freight data and the ability to download reports, helps you in taking business decisions based on your trends and historical data. For instance, you may find out that 80% of the time you allotted Carrier “A” because they were the least cost carrier, but Carrier “A” has been late 20% of the time causing you to create a stigma of bad customer service. Access to valuable data at your fingertips enables you to estimate the opportunity cost of your decisions and mitigate future expenses.

4 Tips For Effective Logistics Management

decision making for logistics workflow automation

Decision Making & Control:

With logistics automation, you are able to regain control over your freight management, freight costs, and risk. The inbuilt artificial intelligence of a technology platform enables you to automate your day – to day logistics obtainment activities. By generating and managing orders through a common interface, it helps to improve inspections and minimize documentation errors.

More and more businesses nowadays are taking advantage of process automation, which helps organizations integrate the processes and systems required to make order-taking and fulfillment more efficient, according to Supply Chain Brain contributor Robert J. Bowman.

By automating the entire logistic chain from end to end – not just individual tasks within it – logistics managers can focus less on everyday processes and more on making sure their supply chains are bringing in the best value at any given moment. In other words, it helps to invest in tools like logistics management systems and robotics in order to improve productivity throughout the entire supply chain and create a better bottom line in the long term. SuperProcure is one of the kind, a SAAS based Logistics workflow Automation and Management platform that focuses on end – to end automation.

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