Building efficiency in logistics management through workflows

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The kind of technology and connectivity we have at our disposal; rules out the option of lengthy time-taking processes.

Tech-today not only optimizes processes but even the management of processes.

The processes today are interlaced to form a sequence of work and often automated. This, in general, is workflow management. Work that is repetitive in nature can be best substituted with technology and automation.

Companies embrace technology for exactly the above-said reason. One of such is in the affairs of logistics management.

Logistics management has been understood widely by people as delivering goods from point A to B

Sounds simple enough. Right??

Now let’s take Logistics Management this way –

– You have determined the vehicle that is required for transportation

– Your start contacting your logistics vendors for a quote.

– To have a competitive pricing, you will be asked to get the quote from multiple vendors before concluding one.

– There are multiple follow-ups for the quote.

– Once quotes are received, negotiation begins

– That too, we need to negotiate with multiple vendors.

– Now we have concluded the one vendor – let’s assign the same in form of a PO.

Does the above steps ring a bell??

Is it something that you or your organization is doing even today?

They are repeated manually on every demand of vehicle. A team of 3 to 4 people spend multiple hours to do this job. Organizations do this day after day.

The simple process of moving goods from point A to B is no more simple – right?

The current scenario of processes in logistics management can be truly complicated when done manually.

With a dash of workflow management software would change the situations completely.

The thin line between, good organization and great organization lies is in the right workflow management they implement.

SuperProcure has implemented logistics workflow management successfully in multiple organizations.

It is driven by reverse auction engine that eliminates any manual negotiation. The system is designed in a way to provide competitive rates for every logistics procurement.

SuperProcure Logistics Efficiency 

So every time a requirement for the vehicle is fed into the system –

Vendors are intimated about the requirement.

– Vendors can participate in the auction.

The auction ends after a stipulated time.

The Logistics manager can assign the work to the vendor directly.

What SuperProcure actually provides is, a tightly integrated workflow application software that simplifies your scheduling and takes all the speed-bumps out of planning your logistics.

We not only handle a single vehicle procurement, in fact, complicated procurements like multi-vehicle procurement from multiple vendors also are done efficiently without a fuss in SuperProcure.

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We will get back with our next blog on advanced features of Logistics workflow management software, SuperProcure.

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