How to achieve 100% Audit Compliance in Logistics? Logistics Automation is the Solution!!

The purpose of logistics audit is righteous. To assist organisations in transparent and fair freight negotiations, vendor selection and identifying areas where efficiency can be improved with Logistics Automation or process optimisation.

Freight Negotiation Logistics Workflow Supply Chain and Logistics Technology & Automation

5 Trends Driving Logistics towards Technology & Automation

Innovation and automation have already brought big swings to the logistics industry in recent years. Businesses are undergoing severe transformations with automation and new technological solutions changing the way people work in the supply chain domain.

Freight Negotiation Logistics Workflow Supply Chain and Logistics

Problems with Spot Freight Negotiation & How you can fix it

For a price sensitive economy like India, cost and timely delivery are the most critical concerns of transportation. Over 35% of manufacturers and construction enterprises have limited certainty or predictability of routes and dispatch frequencies.

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Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Logistics Industry

Logistics industry is considered  the backbone of Indian economy. The Indian Logistics Industry  is home to 45 Million people. However, as per the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2010, India is placed at 47th position out of 155 countries. India spends approximately 14% of its GDP on logistics which translates into USD 140 billion.