SP Indent Allocation against Contract

from indent to vehicle

Indent Management System

SP Indent Allocation helps logistics team to raise a requisition for vehicles against contracted transporters based on your business rules. In the case of indent rejection, it allows auto re-assigning as per business rules or vehicle sourcing via spot market. Thus ensuring real-time collaboration with transporters leading to:

1) On-time Vehicle Placement

2) Right vehicle allocation

3) Vendor Collaboration

4) Improved team productivity

Fuelling Organizational Growth Via
Cost Saving And Increased Transparency

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Capabilities of SuperProcure’s e-Indenting

Bring all your transporter contracts in one place - Contract Master

Storing contract details of every transporter in excel sheets & referring to it before every load allocation is time consuming & could lead to errors. With SP contract master get easy access to centralized transporter data. Track validity, price escalations, etc. in one place.

Automatic load allocation based on your contract

Who should I allocate the load to?

How much should I allocate?

When should I allocate the load?

Is share of business being followed?

Is the load allocation within budget?

You do not have to worry about these questions – get on-time vehicle placement with automatic adherence to contract rules.


85% reduction in vehicle allotment time

25% reduction in order to dispatch time

Real-time collaboration with transporters

Web portal & mobile app access for all your transporters to receive load requirement requests, confirm vehicle availability, provide vehicle & driver details. Our software sends an auto reminder for pending confirmation or placement of vehicles.

Be sure to get instant vehicle confirmation. Reduce unwanted manual follow-up calls by 90%.

Automated Load Re-allocation and Risk Purchasing

Contracted transporter denied placing a vehicle in the last minute?

Automate the complete vehicle re-allocation process. Based on your workflow – your load requirement will be automatically assigned to another transporter or posted on the spot market. Auto compute any penalty and debit reports based on company rules. Improve Planned vs Placement %

Transparent Vehicle Allocation against contracts - 100% Audit Ready

We understand that logistics audits can be difficult when vehicle allocation tasks are done manually – leading to missing data points. But not anymore. You can capture every load allocation activity, deviation from contracts ensuring audit & defined process compliance.

You can review transporter performance, reason for transporter vehicle placement failure, vehicle placement time, etc – A single source of truth.

Real-time Transporter Performance & Load Allotment Analysis

Get insights into vehicle allocation activities, load allotment distribution, deviations from contracts, check budget adherence & vehicle placement performance of each contracted transporter.

Manage Multiple Business Units & Plants - on a 1 Window

Get insight into vehicle allocation activities, deviations from contracts & check budget adherence across all your business units & plants. Use this single source of truth to drive business with the best performing transporters.

Customized User Right Management

Detailed user rights management for team. Control access to individuals as per division, location, process stage, etc.

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Increase vehicle placement and team productivity with SP Indent e-allocation