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Logistics Documentation

SP Proof of Delivery provides you an instant digital confirmation of delivery. Alerts are triggered from the customer about quantity, quality & service levels of goods received. It also allows you to address customer grievances faster and improve customer satisfaction.

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Capabilities of SuperProcure’s e-Docs


Digital Locker

Detailed verification and Delivery Quality Analysis

SP Proof of Delivery provides detailed digital verification of the quality and quantity of goods delivered.

You can also assess the delivery quality, by analyzing factors as delays in receiving the e-POD, no of disputes among all PODs, and the average time between truck and POD arrival.



Efficient and quick incident management with real-time alerts

By raising real-time alerts in the event of an unexpected incident, digital pods can help resolve complaints faster and more effectively. This can reduce detention costs and improve customer relations.


Digital Documentation

Real-time visibility and collaboration

By providing one location to store all documents related to freight sourcing, vehicle dispatch and delivery process, Epod enables collaboration and provides real-time visibility to transporters, customers and the logistics team


Digital Locker

Remove paperwork and Shorter Payment cycles

Paper notes are not only time consuming and can delay bill processing, but they also pose the risk of being lost or damaged. Whereas, e-pod reduces the burden of paperwork, shortens the payment cycles and eliminates the risk of perishable paper notes by providing data in real-time to transporters, customers and the logistics team.



Multiple channels for e-Pod verification

Our multimodal authentication services enables digital Pod verification via mobile app, email, text message, and website to improve customer experience by meeting customers where they are and enabling us to respond to customer inquiries faster.

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