Invoice Processing

Automate freight
invoice reconciliation &
digitize approval workflow
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Invoice Processing in logistics
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With SP Freight Accounting you can generate, reconcile and auto-approve freight invoices digitally. Once the invoices are approved and payments are made to the transporters, the backend ERP system automatically updates and provides alerts, all from a single platform, facilitating effortless communication amongst stakeholders.


1. On time invoice clearance

2. Effortless payment reconciliation

3. Zero duplicate payment

4. Improve Transparency

Fuelling Organizational Growth Via
Cost Saving And Increased Transparency

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Capabilities of SuperProcure’s Invoice Processing


Provide Access to Carriers

Hassle Free Freight e-Invoice Creation & Auto-Reconciliation

SP solution allows the transporter to create and submit freight invoices online. The freight value is system-suggested based on various rules. This helps in correct billing and timely processing. Any deviation is identified at time of submission and can be separately invoiced through exception approval workflow to logistics / finance.


Provide Access to Carriers

Automated Alerts and Reminders for collaboration

Automated system generated notifications to inform on submissions, pending actions, approvals, etc. to avoid delays. Get daily summary of pending actions to ensure all payments are taken care of in a timely manner – facilitating better transporter relationships.


Complete Delivery Information for Invoicing

Claims Management

With SP solution, both freighter and transporter can track, review, and retrace any deductions or additions that are made to the freight bill. Exceptions such as late delivery, damage, detention fees, taxes, and penalties can be easily tracked and help facilitate quick settlements of claims.


Complete Delivery Information for Invoicing

Configurable Invoice​

SP freight invoice format and data points is fully configurable and customization to meet an organizations business requirements. This helps to ensure relevant information is captured for smooth processing.


Complete Delivery Information for Invoicing

Effortless Auditing

Audit log is maintained of every action taken on each invoice. This simplifies the auditing process and relieve both logistics/accounts team from time-consuming audit requests and paper trail digging.

Want to reduce freight reconciliation challenges?

Create e-invoice, digitally approve and automate freight payment reconciliation