SaaS for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

It's built For In-Plant Management

Supply Chain Management Systems Work In Silos , Leading to Wastage Of Man Hours And Inefficiencies Across The Supply Chain.
SuperProcure Is Here To Manage And Optimize Your Supply Chain Operations.

Our Features

Spot Negotiation

Negotiate on a daily basis with your registered transporters and allocate dispatches quickly.

Trip Management

From gate-in at plant to final delivery at customer site, define each workflow as goods move from origin to destination.

Freight Accounting

Become the preferred customer for your Transporters. Setup accounting rules and process payments faster.

Dispatch Planning

Plan your dispatches and give visibility plan to your logistics team

ERP Integration

Integrate with your existing ERP’s such as SAP/Navision using SuperProcure API’s

Document Management

Create a smart document repository of each and every trip.

Vehicle Tracking

Track market sourced vehicles using multiple modes and give visibility to customer

In-Plant Management

Plan the movement of trucks while loading to prevent bottlenecks

Our Happy Clients

SuperProcure caters to a Good-Mix of Enterprise and SME/MSME's Companies. Our Solutions captures the caveats and worfklows of industries across the board.

SuperProcure Collaborates Across the Supply Chain with Key Stakeholders
Gives End-to-End visibility to Transporters, Customers, Sales Team and Logistics Team.
Are you facing issues with managing your Supply Chain?

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