How can manufacturers ensure accurate and on-time vehicle placement through digitalization?

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The right vehicle at the right time is set to dictate the quality of delivery and customer satisfaction dynamics.

Logistics and supply chain management in the Indian industrial sphere is significantly driven by consumer demands and manufacturers striving to cater to these demands. Businesses in all industries aim for optimal delivery of goods as the key to increase customer retention and this can only be ensured through accurate, on-time and transparent vehicle allocation processes.

Indent allocation operations in business logistics is a crucial contributor to the costhead. These operations refer to raising a request for vehicle placement to a contracted transporter in compliance with an existing contract. However, manual logistics operations continue to hinder the strategic growth in various Indian businesses. These manual processes lead to the subsequent roadblocks affecting budget and productivity.

  • Inefficient capturing of indent activities performed by multiple stakeholders operating in several business units and plants
  • Time-consuming load allocation processes hampering on-time vehicle placement
  • Lack of effective coordination with transporters in real-time
  • Lack of centralized documentation hindering process compliance and workflow
  • Time-consuming indent re-allocation procedures leading to an increased costhead and delays in delivery

Therefore, these prevalent challenges have nudged manufacturers in various industries to recognize digital solutions as the ultimate eliminator of prevalent roadblocks in logistics management. Digitalization of indent allocation operations can expedite the involved processes to ensure on-time vehicle placement, accurate vehicle allocation, real-time coordination with transporters, improved team members’ productivity and budget compliance.

SuperProcure’s Indent allocation solution- Transforming the enterprise-wide logistics 

SuperProcure’s digitalized vehicle allocation solution offers performance-driven results by tackling two major problems faced by Indian manufacturers due to manual load allocation.

Problem 1- Inefficient load allocation activities affecting compliance to business policies

Problem 2- Time-consuming and complex processes to find an alternative in case of indent rejection or vehicle placement failure by a transporter

The SP Indent allocation solution aims at optimizing the vehicle allocation operations in all businesses in two primary ways:

  • It allows logistics stakeholders in raising requisition for vehicles against contracted transporters in compliance with the business policies
  • The system automates the vehicle re-allocation process as per the business policies in case of indent rejection by a transporter. The load requirement is reposted in the spot market via SP Freight sourcing-Spot for risk purchasing

It has helped several industry leaders in achieving optimal benefits:

  • Up to 95% reduction in vehicle placement time
  • 100% vehicle placement

SP Indent Allocation- Equipping logistics operators with advanced features

E-Indenting – Contract Master

Logistics stakeholders are often overburdened by the manual storage of contract details that are scattered across excel sheets. Referring to them individually during the time of load-allocation is time-consuming and increases the chances of error. These chaotic processes can result in major monetary losses for businesses.

The contract master feature provides the logistics stakeholders with easy access to all transporter data on a centralized digital platform. This helps in referring to important contract data for checking their validation period, evaluating price fluctuations and analyzing transporters’ historical performance.

E-Indenting – Automated Load Allocation

Logistics team members are often troubled by the innumerable dynamics and extensive evaluation involved in load allocation processes.

However, when these dynamics and contract rules are strategically defined through automation, the system digitally allocates the load to the suitable transporter at budget-compliant prices and the accurate time. This automated load allocation feature ensures smooth and on-time vehicle allocation processes with up to 85% reduction in vehicle placement time and upto 25% reduction in order dispatch time.

E-Indenting – Automated Re-allocation

What if a contracted transporter fails to place the vehicle at the last-moment? Does this lead to delays in delivery and an increased detention cost?

With manual indent allocation processes, it is difficult to find on-demand vehicles in case a transporter refuses to place the vehicle leading to delays in shipments. The logistics team can resolve this issue in two inefficient ways:

  • Refer to several excel sheets for available transporters
  • Source vehicles from the spot market

Both these manual processes involve several follow up calls and other time-consuming activities. SP indent allocation solution automates the load re-allocation processes ensuring faster vehicle re-allocation.

  • The load requirement is auto-assigned to another transporter or re-posted in the spot market for risk purchasing.
  • The system auto-computes penalty and debit reports on no-show against the initial transporter as per the pre-defined company policies. This ensures an improved planned vs. placement percentage.

E-Indenting – Real-time Collaboration

Inefficient collaboration with transporters affects the logistics workflow and exposes the operations to errors. It is difficult to get updates and confirmations from transporters in real-time thus affecting transparency and vehicle placement time.

With manual indent allocation processes, lack of real-time coordination remains a primary challenge among stakeholders. The absence of a digital collaboration platform leads to several follow up calls and updates throughout the process. This built-in e-indenting feature ensures up to 90% reduction in manual follow up calls by offering:

  • Both web and mobile applications that allow the stakeholders to reach out to all registered transporters and drivers anytime-anywhere. Transporters can digitally receive vehicle allocation requests, confirm vehicle availability, allocate suitable vehicles and provide drivers’ details in real-time.
  • Auto-reminders for pending vehicle confirmations or placements ensuring faster vehicle confirmations and on-time vehicle placements

E-Indenting – 100% Audit Ready

Businesses face significant challenges due to inefficient audit cycles and unexplained deviations from process stages.

Manual indenting operations lead to audit-gaps due to the lack of real-time capturing of data and activities performed by multiple stakeholders. This data is often prone to errors that might result in severe losses.

SP Indent allocation solution captures all involved processes in-real time. It ensures 100% audit and improved compliance by capturing every deviation from contract terms and process-compliance in real-time.

E-Indenting – Transporter Performance Analysis

Manual indent allocation processes often fail to accurately analyze the transporters’ performance metrics as most of the allocation activities are unrecorded and there are minimal records for reference. This leads to faulty and inefficient decision making.

The SP Indent solution offers real-time insights into the load allocation activities performed by transporters for easy monitoring and comparison. This helps manufacturers in strategic and informed decision-making by offering clear visibility into vehicle placement time, reason for vehicle placement failure, deviations from contract policies, previous vehicle placement performance and budget adherence.

E-Indenting – One window for Multiple Units 

When operating multiple business units, manufacturers are often unable to capture the activities performed by every team member working in silos. Justifying deviations and discrepancies is a major concern.

This digital indent allocation feature allows manufacturers to link all business units and plants ensuring smooth and transparent collaboration among logistics stakeholders. It allows manufacturers to monitor all business units on a centralized digital window by offering clear insights into vehicle allocation activities, deviations from contract terms, budget compliance, best performing transporters and deviations in unit-wide performance.

E-Indenting – Customized User Rights Management

The SP Indent allocation solution allows businesses to manage the user rights granted to every stakeholder in multiple units and plants. The admin can customize and allocate these rights to individual stakeholder according to their department, location, process stage, assigned responsibility and authority.

No more chaotic and unorganized vehicle allocation operations as SuperProcure’s digital Indent allocation solution is on its way to revolutionize the logistics sphere!