Non placement of vehicle against contract? Arrange a replacement vehicle at the last minute with ease

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Now just assume if something like this was to happen with your customer wherein you and your team are ready with all the work done on your part to deliver the goods but the transporter is unable to place a vehicle against the contract (just like the delivery agent not being available). Wouldn’t your customer be frustrated as well?

But in a manual vehicle sourcing process, a lot has to be done to find another transporter. The team has to get ready with another transporter in almost no time to make sure there isn’t a delivery failure.

Having said that, the above case might happen with you on a regular basis wherein you are left in a spot of panic and an unending loop of work of sourcing out the replacement vehicle immediately. Let us ponder over a few challenges that one might face while doing the whole process manually.


Case 1: Sourcing the replacement vehicle from another contracted transporter

Going back to your excel sheet to find details of the other contracted transporters, reaching out to them via phone or email for vehicle availability & waiting for the confirmation – all the while you are stressed about the time crunch.

Best case scenario – you get confirmed vehicle placement from one of the contracted transporters after coordination and manual follow-ups. 

But the next day you have to go back to your excel sheet update the changes, reset your calculations in order to ensure budget adherence.

Case 2: Sourcing the replacement vehicle from the spot market

Sourcing vehicles manually from the spot market results in delayed reallocation – you have to contact 6-7 different transporters from the spot market, manually follow-up with them and the availability of vehicles is always a question and hence on-time vehicle placement & delivery becomes a 50-50 chance.

Adding to the mix - lack of real-time data visibility

Another important aspect that can cause you trouble is that there is no real-time visibility of the vehicle placement or any other logistic process for that matter when done manually. 

But if you had this data

  • It would help you & your logistics team to track the performance of the transporter
  • Help you spot bottlenecks in the entire order-dispatch cycle to know where the delay is occurring. 

From helping you to strategize about new lanes to giving you the data analysis to explore the idea of adding new transporters, etc. Not having a tab on these will lose track of a gold mine of data that would help you reach your KPIs & contribute positively to your company.

Now that we already know the challenges that you may have to face or maybe are currently facing, wouldn’t you want to know what can make these things better and help you levitate your logistic game?

SuperProcure understands your constraints and provides you with a platform to overcome the above challenges and win with on-time vehicle placements every single time.

Know our process

  • With SuperProcure you create one single digital contract master that keeps a track of all your contacts, rules like a share of the business, etc. Helping in automated budget adherence
  • We have automated indent allocation for loads against contract based on your business rules. Once indent is placed, automatic notifications go to transporters, time-saving accept/reject option which gives you quicker confirmation/no-availability of vehicles – effortless coordination with transporters & obviously On-time vehicle placement
  • Auto & on-time re-allocation of vehicles from the spot market or from other contracted transporters depending on your business rules. With our indent allocation, you can immediately post your requirement on the spot market & automate this entire process & get instant confirmation on vehicles – no more stressful ping-ponging between transporters
  • Do you wish to have a 360° real-time data visibility of the entire vehicle allotment process? Well, Our solution also gives you a 360° visibility and you can keep a tab on all the activities across all the branches and plants

With this 360° real-time data visibility you can now:

  • Track your transporters performance and make data-backed decisions
  • Spot the bottlenecks in your entire order-dispatch cycle & know where the delay is occurring – reduce your order dispatch time by 20-25%

Want to learn how automation can help you with on-time vehicle placement and budget compliance KPIs regularly?

Reach out to us, Today

Want to learn how automation can help you with on-time vehicle placement and budget compliance KPIs regularly?

Reach out to us, Today


Superprocure gives you a whole package where you have

  • 75-85% reduction in vehicle placement process time for each indent 
  • 20-25% reduction in order dispatch time 
  • 100% audit compliance
  • Automated budget and planning adherence
  • Data-driven carrier selection 
  • 50-60% time saved while risk buying from spot
  • Improve your customer service 
  • On-time vehicle placement 
  • 300% improvement in employee work efficiency

So what are you waiting for?

Upscale your logistic game by removing all the hindrances and redundant tasks caused by a manual setup. Beat the battle of vehicle placement failure with our Indent allocation and you will have your vehicle placed just on time. Now you can keep your customers satisfied and save room for yourself in order to levitate your logistic strategy.