Freight Accounting

Payment processing is a major challenge in the logistics and transportation industry , not just because the nature and duration of these transactions are complex, but there is a lot of dispute settlement which needs to be done and a lot of paperwork and approval which needs to be in place before a freight invoice can be processed. SuperProcure lets you organize freight accounting and digitizes the complete process.

Configure Business Rules

Our freight accounting module lets you configure your key business rules such as detention rules, late delivery deductions and many such key activities which have an impact on the receivables of transporter.

Transporter Friendly

The system gives a top-level view to transporter about his pending receivables and allows him to upload his invoices and proof of expenses through an easy-to-use mobile interface.

Faster Payments

Accounting personnel can reject invoices and communicate the issues in a faster way over a digital channel and process payments in a quicker way.

Resolve Disputes

With the rules configured and our TMS module capturing each and every activity from loading till the final delivery of the truckload all points of disputes are completely negated builds a stronger relationship between the transporter and the customer


Get a clear picture of how your accounting team is working and monitor the TAT around processing an invoice. Transporter also gets to see their ledgers and an overall visibility on the credit period.

This module is a must for all manufacturing companies and has use cases across the board. SuperProcure tracks all activities from loading till the final delivery and its impact on the final freight invoice. Companies who have implemented our accounting module are able to process transporter payments faster and are becoming a preferred customer for their transport partners? Are your transporters not happy with your payment cycles?