SP Shipment Tracking

Real-time tracking
of goods in transit

SP Shipment Tracking allows you to track your in-transit vehicles in real-time, analyze driver behavior and use these insights to make strategic decisions & improve customer service. 


1. Get real-time updates on ETAs & Optimize delivery routes based on the current conditions

2. Increased customer retention and satisfaction

3. Notifications and alerts for timely unloading help reduce detention costs.

Fuelling Organizational Growth Via
Cost Saving And Increased Transparency

Our Customer, A Leading Construction Conglomerate


Capabilities of SuperProcure’s Shipment Tracking


Provide Access to Carriers

Real-time Visibility of Vehicle Movements - GPS & SIM Based

You get a real-time, 360-degree overview of all your fleet’s daily movements using GPS-enabled systems in the vehicle & driver’s SIM-based tracking. Our software sends you timely updates via multiple channels like email, SMS & push notifications. 


SuperProcure has pre-built integration with major GPS providers.


Provide Access to Carriers

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Get instant alerts on vehicle movements & driver behavior like ETA, delays, early arrival, etc. 

This information helps in making effective decisions around unloading planning (labor, space, machine, inspection, etc) & improving customer service. 


Complete Delivery Information for Invoicing

Real-time ETA calculation

Obtain updates on ETA to plan and organize human resources, unloading space, machine for unloading bulk material, and arrange for material inspection as per requirement. This helps to improve the efficiency of unloading operations, reduce detention, and for projects’ timely completion.


Complete Delivery Information for Invoicing

E-way bill expiry & alert notifications

Get advance alert to transporters when the e-way bill is nearing its expiration date. Improve on-time extension to avoid statutory penalty and ensure smooth delivery of your goods.


Complete Delivery Information for Invoicing

Control tower- 24*7 monitor live status

With our control tower, you can get 24*7 live locations of all your vehicles across multiple locations –  a bird’s eye view on a map. Use this transparency to provide take strategic decisions & provide a delightful customer experience.

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