Spot Negotiation

SuperProcure spot freight negotiation module is an extremely handy product for manufacturers and infra companies reaching out to the daily spot market for their dispatches. The product comes with an inbuilt reverse auction engine which brings price correction and faster dispatch allocation. The decision making is brought down to 30 seconds and boosts employee productivity. The reports and data that comes out gives a 360-degree view of overall dispatch activity, freight trends and transporter performance.

Reduce Logistics Cost

Reach out to the market quickly and gamify the process of negotiating your daily freight.

Improved Transporter Co-ordination

Provide all the necessary information to transporters with a click of a button and prevent future disputes.

Faster Decision Making

Get all quotes from transporters on a single window to make decision making faster and allocate your daily dispatches

Audit Compliant Reports

Get reports and notifications about daily operations that integrate seamlessly with your ERP

Data for Analysis

Get data about the daily freight trends, monitor transporter performance and get a bird’s eye view of your daily logistics activities

Yankee/Spot/Project Auctions

The module covers all the key negotiation modes popular in the industry to cover all the use cases.


Senior Management gets a complete log of all activities done by users and transporters and remove all ambiguity /grey areas in the daily negotiation.

This module is commonly used by Wire&Cable Industry ,Engineering& Construction Items, FMCG Manufacturers, Infra Companies. Are you a manufacturing or an infra company with at least 100 truckload dispatches per month ? Do you work with multiple Transporters? Is your logistics team spending a lot of time in negotiating daily freight ?