Trip Management System

SuperProcure Trip Management System (TMS) records all the in-plant , in-transit and post-transit activities associated with a truckload dispatch and gives a 360 degree view of all the activities associated with a truckload, be its loading , in-plant yard management , document management, tracking and most importantly giving the customer a visibility of the order as its dispatched.

Custom Stages

The SuperProcure TMS lets customers define their own stages based on the business rules and processes and lets users take actions as the vehicle moves from one stage from another during its journey from origin to destination. The system is designed in a very modular way and handles multi-point loading and unloading as well.

Yard Management

The module comes with an in-built loading dock management system so that truck loading can be organized and visibility given across the board. This helps in dispatching the urgent orders and improves the Loading to Dispatch TAT.

Document Management

There are a lot of documentation that needs to be in place before a vehicle can be released such as invoice, LR, e-waybill, vehicle documents such as Registration certificate. SuperProcure TMS creates a smart document repository that is associated with each trip. The documents can be pushed to or pulled from an existing ERP system as well.

Vehicle Tracking

Its easy to track vehicles owned by a transporter or a fleet owner however the challenge is in tracking the market sourced vehicles. SuperProcure lets you track the market sourced vehicles through multiple modes and gives an intelligent overview on the overall ETA’s of vehicles in-transit

Customer Visibility

The beauty of our TMS solution is that it even brings the unloading party under its purview and simple things such as vehicle reporting , detention and damage of goods can be reported by the consignee. Moreover, epod’s can be uploaded so that the transporter can process his invoice and trips can be closed

Reports and Adherence

All the activities are logged and throw out some interesting data points such as the Reporting to Loading TAT, Loading to Dispatch TAT, Delivery timelines across lanes even key metrics such as Unloading-Release TAT can be monitored. All such data points can be pushed to the ERP for audit and compliance purpose

Faster Collaboration

The product comes in with an messaging/collaboration tool which facilitates better exception handling and monitoring.

This module is the nucleus of all the supply chain activities as it segregates each truckload and treats it as a separate trip. SuperProcure becomes the single touch point of all in plant, in-transit and post-transit activities and data is seamlessly moved between existing ERP and our system. Are you facing challenges in managing your dispatches? Do you have a real-time visibility of what’s happening with a truckload ?