The FMCG industry has its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to FTL dispatches. The dispatch lanes and volumes are more or less defined. The freight contracts are done and re-negotiated in a periodic manner and the deliveries are mostly made to depots or distributor points. Key SuperProcure modules used in the FMCG industry

Contract Management

Given the nature of dispatches and fixed lanes, contract management is one of the most important aspect of keeping a control over the freight rates and monitoring share of business. SuperProcure contract management gives a bird’s eye view of the current contract status and facilitates better communication between transporter and the manufacturing company.

  • Smart Contract Management
  • Quick Daily Indent Notification
  • Improved Loading due to prior intimation
Improved Vehicle Placement
Increase in Employee Productivity
Improvement in Loading-Dispatch TAT
Trip Management

Trip Management gives a holistic view of all loading to delivery activities and facilitates better collaboration between transporters, consignee and consignors. Extensively used in FMCG industry, given the costly nature of the products where-in the delivery TAT is pre-defined.

  • Holistic view of all activities at a plant level
  • Get a footprint of which plants are adhering to the KPI’s defined
  • Track market sourced vehicles
  • Give visibility to the depot/distributor
Improved Vehicle Delivery
Improved Delivery-Unloading TAT
Improvement in Loading-Dispatch TAT
Freight Accounting

Freight Accounting is a very unorganized part of the whole chain given the complex nature of contracts and the transactions. SuperProcure freight accounting module

  • Lets you configure the deduction rules and keep them in-line with the business logic
  • Very User friendly and lets transporter upload all supplementary information related to an invoice
  • Facilitates faster invoice processing and payments
Improvement in Freight Rates
Improvement in Invoice Submission TAT
Improvement in Payment Timelines