Dispatch Planning

SuperProcure dispatch planning involves key pre-dispatch activities such as giving a planning to the logistics team about the nature of movement in the near future. This helps logistics team in planning and smooth execution of goods movement. This also gives clarify to the plant managers about the future dispatches so that production can be planned accordingly. SuperProcure dispatch planning module integrates with the existing ERP systems and pulls in key SO/STO related data which acts as a reference point

Plan and Collaborate

Once an order is created in ERP or on SuperProcure the sales and logistics team can give visibility about the future dispatches and to the customer and give an ETA of the deliveries.


The module comes in with an in-built load builder which lets you check the load-ability of a truck and can let you utilize the full truck capacity by merging multiple orders into a single dispatch and ultimately reduce the dispatch count.


Sales team can break down large orders into smaller chunks and give a planning to the logistics team and the manufacturing/packaging departments so that goods can be produced as per the demand patterns

SKU and Customer Management

The system has been designed in a way such that key data points such as SKU Master, Customer Master can be pulled and information flow is seamless.

ERP Integration

Our product comes with pre-defined API calls which can be integrated with your existing ERP’s so that data and logs can be pushed.

Connect the Dots

Once goods are dispatched the entire chain of events can be linked to a Sales order and give clarity to the various departments about the order fulfilment and track key metrics such as adherence to the client ETA and the TAT at various stages such as from order to dispatch, dispatch to delivery etc.

This module is commonly used by FMCG manufacturers, Animal Feed Companies, Infra Companies, basically industries where dispatch planning visibility is dependent on inventory and the dead-head cost is very high. SuperProcure becomes the single touch point of all activities and data is seamlessly moved between existing ERP and our system. Are you facing challenges in managing your dispatches? Are you managing multiple excels to record the daily transactions?