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  The purpose of logistics audit is righteous. To assist organisations in transparent and fair freight negotiations, vendor selection and identifying areas where efficiency can be improved with Logistics Automation or process optimisation. The righteousness of the purpose, is, however, directly proportional to the ruthlessness of the process!! How often do these queries hit your
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Digitization is transforming business operations and creating new winners. It all started 30-40 years back with digitization of accounting activity. People shifted from manual records to software for accounting (SAP, Oracle, Tally, Quickbooks, etc). This was followed by sales & marketing (salesforce), human resource, etc. But evolution in logistics still continued to be low due
SuperProcure is selected among the top 25 innovative companies
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We are very excited to share that SuperProcure has been recognized as Top 25 Innovative Enterprises of 2018 by the CII Industrial innovation Awards 2018. Instituted by CII in 2014, the CII Industrial Innovation Awards recognize and celebrate innovative Indian enterprises and budding start-ups across industry segments on an annual basis. For the 2018 Awards,
A Detailed Case Study On Logistics workflow Automation
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Read how a leading Construction Conglomerate battled the challenges of their daily logistics activities to achieve better transparency and cost saving.           The dynamic worldwide network of  the global supply chain is continuously blooming, and advances in technology like logistics automation is helping companies to make their workflow more efficient. SuperProcure’s
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SuperProcure – A Logistics Automation Solution which specializes in Truck Freight Negotiation through reverse auction, has come up with new features to make its platform more data centric and user friendly. Our customers can enjoy the flexibility to manage all programs through our single android app and have access to multiple data reports. Read on
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Vehicle tracking technology has been very popular for almost a couple of decades and is now evolving with each passing year.Also known as GPS tracking, it is used by fleets for efficiency and cost-saving purposes, but also by businesses of any type and size that depend on the use of vehicles to develop their activity
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“According to sources, 64% of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive and important technology, setting the foundation for long-term change management in their organizations.” With the advent of technology, companies today have become more data-centric.  New strategies are designed to study and analyse the data and conclude insights, and thus advancing the
SuperProcure logistics efficiency
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SuperProcure  Logistics Management The kind of technology and connectivity we have at our disposal; rules out the option of lengthy time-taking processes. Tech-today not only optimizes processes but even the management of processes. The processes today are interlaced to form a sequence of work and often automated. This, in general, is workflow management. Work that
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Specify details of e-auction The user has to now specify appropriate reason as to why the e-auction winner has not been allotted the requirement. Specify Reason Cancellation The user has to now specify an appropriate reason if the load requirement has been cancelled after allotment. Specify Dimensions The user can now input the dimension of