Innovation and automation have already brought big swings to the logistics industry in recent years. Businesses are undergoing severe transformations with automation and new technological solutions changing the way people work in the supply chain domain. So now, they either have an option to be proactive and take advantage of these technological changes or
  For a price sensitive economy like India, cost and timely delivery are the most critical concerns of transportation. Over 35% of manufacturers and construction enterprises have limited certainty or predictability of routes and dispatch frequencies. For them, long term contract is not an option. Hence, the logistics team at such enterprises spend over 65%
Thursday, 30 August 2018 / Published in Supply Chain and Logistics
Logistics industry is considered  the backbone of Indian economy. The Indian Logistics Industry  is home to 45 Million people. However, as per the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2010, India is placed at 47th position out of 155 countries. India spends approximately 14% of its GDP on logistics which translates into USD 140 billion. This