Animal Feed / Farm Integration

The industry comprises of Poultry feed, cattle feed, shrimp/fish feed manufacturers who are also in the integration vertical i.e. managing the poulty/cattle/fish/shrimp farming business as well. The freight discovery /transaction is a mix contract vs spot negotiation however these are heavily time bound dispatches because the animal might fall ill or die if the correct feed requirement of the farm is not met. The freight payment cycle is very fast however the dispute handling takes its own sweet time. Key SuperProcure modules used in this industry are -

Dispatch Planning

Given the nature of dispatches and the fact that a delay in correct nutrition might lead to a catastrophe , correct dispatch planning measures and controls have to be applied

  • Collaboration between sales and manufacturing personnel
  • Fast loading and delivery timelines as the orders are paid in advance and customer expects a fast TAT
  • End-to-end visibility required by the customer post PO is issued so that he can plan resources at his end
Reduction in Vehicle Return Scenarios
Improved Loading TAT
Improved Gate-IN, Gate-out TAT
Freight negotiation

Given the nature of dispatches and the non-static nature of dispatch lanes, freight is negotiated on a daily basis with registered transporters. The spot freight negotiation module brings

  • Price correction due to e-auctioning of freight
  • Improved vehicle reporting and delivery as all information about the truckload and dispatch is communicated in advance to transporter
  • Almost zero disputes in accounting as loading/unloading and package information communicated in advance
Reduced Logistics Cost
Reduced Placement Failure
Faster Processing of invoices
Trip Management

Trip Management gives a holistic view of all loading to delivery activities and facilitates better collaboration between transporters, consignee and consignors. Extensively used in this industry, given the nature of the dispatches where-in the delivery TAT is pre-defined.

  • Holistic view of all activities at a plant level
  • Get a footprint of which plants are adhering to the KPI’s defined
  • Track market sourced vehicles and allocate labour and machinery accordingly
  • Visibility at the animal farm and plan animal breeding accordingly
Improved Vehicle Delivery TAT
Improved Delivery-Unloading TAT
Improvement in Loading-Dispatch TAT
Freight Accounting

Freight Accounting is a very unorganized part of the whole chain given the complex nature of contracts and the transactions. SuperProcure freight accounting module

  • Lets you configure the deduction rules and keep them in-line with the business logic
  • Very User friendly and lets transporter upload all supplementary information related to an invoice
  • Facilitates faster invoice processing and payments
Improvement in Freight Rates
Improvement in Invoice Submission TAT
Improvement in Payment Timelines